Instruments & Control and Systems Integration
Instruments & Control and Systems Integration


  • Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • Level Sensors (Radar, GWR, Ultrasonic, Capacitance, Hydrostatic)
  • Temperature (RTD, TC, Thermometer, Thermowell, Multipoint Temperature Sensor)

Control Systems

  • PLCs and RTUs
  • Industrial Communications
  • SCADA Systems Integration
  • HMI Customization
  • OPC and Interfacing
  • Control Rooms and Data Centers

Flow Measurement (Custody & Process)

    PD, Ultrasonic, Turbine, DP, Electromagnetic

Sampling Systems

    In-line sampling for Oil, Petrochemicals, Water and Waste Water applications


    Turbidity (Oil-in-water, water-in-oil and various other applications), Color, Concentration, Gas analyzers - Oxygen, CO2, Hydrogen, CO, SOx/NOx etc

Pipeline Leak Detection and Monitoring

  • Negative Pressure Wave (Acoustic)
  • Mass Balance Technique
  • Hybrid LDS (Combination)
  • Batch Tracking, Pump optimization, Pipeline modeling
  • Fiber Optic LDS

Loading / Unloading Systems

    Truck loading/Unloading for fuel tank trucks (Bottom/Top loading)

Tank Truck Automation

    Sealed Parcel Delivery, Inventory Monitoring, Truck location tracking and reporting, Bottom loading components

Integrating Solutions

    SADC’s Information & Technology and instruments & control engineering team can integrate control systems and various assets security / Cyber-security needs