Corporate Values
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SADC has been governed in its operations since the inception that ensured the company’s successes by core values that shaped the corporate culture and defined the distinct character of our company. These core values that are well internalized by the staff can be summarized as below:
We serve and support our employees and business partners with passion and positive attitude; investing in knowledge enhancement and striving to exceed expectations with regard to our SADC’s strict observance of business ethics, integrity and striving to achieve quality.
SADC’s customers receive the strongest commitment to a job well done that meets the customers’ expectations of quality, product availability and superior service.
SADC commitment to creating mutually rewarding and lasting partnerships is a paramount objective for SADC. SADC endeavours to fulfilling its role as a proactive partner in the support and enabling of successful achievement of the partnership goals. SADC is also committed and is mindful of the local industrial sectors’ needs which in turn obligate SADC to introduce state-of-the-art technologies and services.
SADC observes strict compliance with the highest ethical conduct and professional ethics in a consistent fashion that emulates the highest international standards.

As part of our code of conduct and ethics charter, and our business transparency, SADC has become a certified member of TRACE International Inc. (TRACE).