RÜEGER SA, Switzerland

RÜEGER SA offers the most complete range of temperature and pressure instruments in the world. RÜEGER measuring instruments are recognized even by its competitors as being the most reliable and precise on the market. Each sensor or thermometer is individually calibrated before leaving the factory. The rigorously controlled production process of the sensitive elements guarantees an unmatched quality and lifetime of the instrument. To be mentioned that the entire RÜEGER organization is certified ISO 9001:2000.

Manning range of auto samplers:

  • Multipoint temperature sensors for reactors, crackers, furnaces and very large vessels.
  • Skin temperature sensors for pipes, inside or outside vessels, reactors, walls and on other flat surfaces.
  • Extra low temperature sensors for cryogenic applications.
  • Miniature temperature sensors with diameters as low as 0.5mm.
  • Heavy duty temperature sensors for turbines, pumps, engines and boilers.
  • Retractable temperature sensors.
  • Thermoelectric sensors, Thermocouple and RTD.
  • Thermowells tapered/straight, thread/flange.
  • Temperature transmitters (4...20mA/HART/Fieldbus).
  • Bimetallic thermometers for general industry as well as HVAC.
  • Gas pressure thermometers stem diameter of up to 13mm, temperature range up to +800O C.
  • Thermometers with electrical contacts.