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SADC is glad to announce its partnership for the Saudi Arabian Industrial sector with Lewa Pumps. LEWA is known worldwide as a specialist and market leader in the handling of supercritical fluids and the use of diaphragm metering pumps, packed plunger metering pumps and process pumps. LEWA pumps provide high metering accuracy and are durable, reliable, safe and highly efficient.

SADC has expanded it cooperation with CIRCOR to include other divisions including Leslie Controls and Hale Hamilton and other brands of the group.

Saudi Arabian Development Company Ltd (SADC), a company that has been in existence for more than three decades that prides itself of being a very active Saudi Enterprise in the oil, gas, utilities and manufacturing fields, continues to espouse same high objectives of playing an active role in the modernization and development of the national industrial sectors in the oil, gas, petrochemicals, utilities and manufacturing.

SADC line of business includes equipment manufacturing, supply of industrial equipment and materials besides different services to the major industrial enterprises in Saudi Arabia such as ARAMCO, SABIC, SWCC, as well as other major corporations operating in other sectors. SADC provides its services either directly or in association with EPC companies.

SADC’s marked successes over the years were driven by the distinct capabilities and leading specializations of SADC’s partners combined with well trained and highly skilled SADC staff that gained customers’ approvals and resulted in repeated businesses. SADC’s proven relationship with its current partners covers beside the above range of activities, distributorship and value added sale endeavours.

To meet the growing needs of the local and regional markets, SADC in line with its long term established strategy would continue to actively seek to identify and enter into long-term business relationships with leading international companies in the above fields.

Towards achieving the above objectives, SADC would be keen to establish strategic alliances, joint ventures and full-fledged partnerships with leading international engineering, technology and service companies in related high value business activities.

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