FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions

FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions

FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions delivers technical superiority with a complete range of liquid and gas custody transfer solutions. As a world leader in flow measurement and control products since 1926, Measurement Solutions provides the broadest range of solutions complemented by global engineering, project management expertise and after-sales support in all segments of the oil and gas industry.

FMC Technologies is a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of measurement products and systems for the worldwide oil and gas industry. From the wellhead to the final consumer, FMC equipment can be found at each stage of the production, processing and delivery chain for both liquid and gas petroleum products.

Liquid measurement:

  • Positive displacement meters.
  • Turbine meters.
  • Preset controllers.
  • Flow computers.
  • Coriolis meters.
  • Liquid ultrasonic flowmeters.

Gas measurement:

  • Orifice meters.
  • Gas ultrasonic flowmeters.
  • Gas flow computers.
  • Unions, meter runs and flow measurement accessories.
  • Venturi meters.